Friday, January 29, 2010

A cold dark winters nig

So its been about a month since ive been back at school. Long story short, which i'll probably explain in later blogs, technically I have broken up with my boyfriend. We still talk constantly and love each other. Yeah, Im aware. Its absurd. But I did it for him.

We still talk about our future... with each other. It might be unhealthy, but I still see myself with him after this semester. Damn certain obligations at our school, but I am still so close with him and his family it seems almost as if we did this for technicalities.

Hope to god that it all works out. I thought I could be more of a man about the situation, you know.. talk to him once and a while, not think about it. Figures that I have a dream about him last week. Nothing sexual, just him showing up to the city and us going out to dinner.. then I wake up. Wierd, huh?

Off to another beer. more later

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