Wednesday, December 30, 2009

allo world

On Pandora, I'm listening to my "musical" station (dont judge) and Mamma Mia's "Take a Chance on Me" just came on. I remember back in middle school when I used one of the lyrics to write a note to a girl that I liked... It seemed gay at the time, and looking back on its sure as hell gay now.

I guess thats the point of this new blog. I'm a gay frat boy- the catch is, I don't fit the stereotype of "gay". I love football and Coors Light like a fat boy loves cake. When I met my boyfriend's parents (my first boyfriend, and trust me, blogs to come on that complicated mess), siblings and friends they thought I was straight and he was disillusioned.

I've known I was gay since high school, but kept up appearances. I went to one of those "prestigious" all-boys schools in the northeast and being gay was about as desirable as being apart of the maintenance staff... so I had girlfriends, made fun of the queers and (attempted) to play sports to keep up with what was expected of me.

It was only as of late that I wanted to actually (on a small scale) tell people that were close to me who I actually was. So far, its been working out wonderfully (which has been surprising to me) as everyone i've told seems to love me more after the fact.

I would guess the whole point of this blog is to tell about my experiences of the past, describe the present and hope for the good things that lie ahead.

Its a complicated life, and I hope to enlighten those who might be in my situation... and entertain those who are not.

Catch you on the next post

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